A downloadable game for Windows

A Fan Game for the StarFox franchise where you get to experience an original adventure as the ace pilot Falco Lombardi!

After a simple retrieval mission goes wrong for the StarFox crew, They find themselves grounded and scattered across a mysterious planet. Play as Falco trying to fix his ship and look for his crew mates as he fights against the mysterious assimilating robot species that are slowly taking over the planet.

Install instructions

included a ROM file and the GBstudio file if you want to use the scripts and assets


StarFoxGrounded.zip 1 MB


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first this  is a really well made fan game and you guys did a good job and second, DAT FUCK HOW DID YOU DO THIS IN GB STUDIO!


A StarFox RPG on GameBoy?  I'm definitely trying this.


Oooo another Nintendo property, prepared to be impressed again haha.


I believe you mean DMCA’d